Lovely Humanity

Look around, it’s easy to see
the worst parts of humanity.
You hear them spew hatred and fears,
suicide stories; few shed tears.
Hiding behind a shield of brass
makes it easy to kick some ass.

Now look again, more closely still:
see those who stand; sheer force of will.
I Got Your Back; Hands Up Don’t Shoot!
All of us share a common root.
A wall of love, support and trust.
So stand we all together must!.
There are no lesser people here
It’s time to put away your fear.

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My mind jumps to the cliché;
“Possibilities” and “endless” spring to my head unbidden.
Explore it more; think of the … DAMN! more clichés leap into view!
“Choices”, “Options”, “Possibilities” … no, No, NO!
a myriad of stars in the heavens…
the grains of sand on a beach,
NO! I will not use these trite clichés.

The problem presents itself as a solution:
There simply are not a myriad of ways
to conjure words to discuss the feelings “myriad” evokes.

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