Fighting. Arguing. Who will win?
Quiet smiles, a twinkle of eyes.
Screaming, bickering, such a din!
Loving glance, cannot jeopardize.
he said she said take it out to the bike shed.
Let me in, I’ll let you win, can’t we be at peace again?

Prompted phrase was:

“something that would address the ‘DICHOTOMY’ of:
ongoing miscommunications & clashing personalities between 2 people who each have beautiful hearts filled with love, care and compassion for each other & have chosen to stay by each others side through difficult things”

Requester was Jes R
Request method was Mass Mosaic.
Author is Sean Prunka
No copyrights. This poem was released into the public domain by the author.
Author notes: I tried to make the pacing fit the theme as well, so it should read a little rough, somewhat mis-matched styles. Although still keeping a rhyme scheme throughout.

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