About Me:

Hi, I’m Vampyre Bytes. I have many other names as well and it isn’t hard to find them, but for the purposes of this blog, Vampyre Bytes is the only name I need. I’m old of body, young at heart and ancient in soul/spirit. I am an Agnostic Heathen, I hold Odin as my patron deity. Some call me an animist, others a polytheist, and others still call me a monotheist. I say they’re all right. I’m a gamer, I play World of Darkness, Cyberpunk, and D&D primarily, but I also enjoy quite a few computer games. I’m a father of 6 wonderful kids; 2 girls, 2 boys, and 2 trans non-binary. The names I’ll use for the purposes of this blog are (in order of age) Rose, Tim, Boo, Bug, Goose, and Leo. I’m a computer geek, too. I create web applications in PHP and MySQL for a living. I’m sure there is plenty more I could say about myself if I tried really hard, but that’s something I generally don’t do. I’m too laid back to try really hard at anything.

About This Blah-Blah-Blahg:

Why a blah-blah-blahg? “Blah blah blah” has two great histories. One is rooted in campy, over-acted vampire movies, where the vampires have really bad “Transylvanian” accents and tend to say “I vant to suck your blud, blah blah blah!” The other is in standard pop culture where “blah blah blah” means to ramble and talk about nothing in particular. A blog is shortened from “web log” and its meaning is pretty clear to most Internet goers today. So a blahg would be a blog where the content is Seinfeldian or Shakespearean (ie., Much Ado About Nothing.) That’s what this aims to be. A bunch of posts wherein I ramble, rant, rave and chew the fat. I’ll post pictures, talk about my family, my gaming, my work and other things that don’t really matter to anyone other than me. I’ll blah-blah-blahg all to myself and see how many people discover me by accident.