Be Where My Feet Are

Wherever I might go today;
It does not matter if I stay
Or walk or run or step in stride;
You come along; you’re right beside.
Wherever my two feet might land,
If tucked away or in my hand;
My phone ensures that in the end,
You are my omnipresent friend.


Prompted word was “Be where my feet are”.
Requester was Jessyka Banks
Request method was Mass Mosaic.
Author is Sean Prunka
No copyrights. This poem was released into the public domain by the author.

Author notes: Iambic tetrameter, not completely happy with all of the cadences, but it scans well enough. I wasn’t sure which way this prompt would take me… it almost took me into a BDSM place, but I have a friend that I’m always in contact with, so the omnipresence of the Internet is what ended up coming through, I hope you like it.

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