The Last Show

Who we were going to be was chosen for us by the choices we made.
We poured ourselves into our personas, while we delved deep into their psyches.
Over the run of time, we grew in each others’ light.
We grew, our characters grew, our friendships grew.
Time was kind to us, time was on our side, time stopped.
We laughed, we cried, we fought and nearly died.
As long as we held the stage, time could not move.

Then the clock started ticking again and time had run its course.
We took our bows and struck the set, and each tick of the secondhand brought us closer to the end.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened,” we say, through tear soaked cheeks, knowing full well that crying is all we can do.

Yes, we’ll meet again and run another course.
But that time will be its own.
This experience will never happen again.
Each run is a unique adventure that can never be recaptured.
So I will smile through my tears as I slip away without saying …

“Good Bye.”

Prompt: Unprompted. Last game in a mini-campaign, where everyone was a “theatre kid” (or at least tangential)
Requester: None… myself?
Request method: Experience.
Author is Sean Prunka
Copyright 2023 Sean Prunka. All rights reserved.

Author notes: Literally just finished a mini campaign of D&D, only 8 sessions, but they were impactful. And the group that I played with were mostly fellow theatre kids.. and the last session was a bit like the last show of a theatrical run… So this applies to both.

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