Because I want to remember this

What follows is a copy/paste from a 2003 LJ post. Enjoy?

I’m new to the group. I’ll likely be a lurker at best… and just ignore the group at worst…
But, here’s my skinny.
1) I’m *ancient* 32 at last tally.
2) I’m a Cure fan.. but not a fanatic.
3) If Only Tonight will always be my favorite Cure song.
4) I was introduced back in 1987 with the KMKMKM album. After that, I went back and got all their older stuff. And cursed most of the newer stuff after that point. Since then, I’ve matured quite a bit and like almost all of their stuff, old *and* new.
5) I’ve only ever had the pleasure of attending one concert… and boy was I disappointed. That is what this post will be about…
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Still Life (With Fruit)

a study in composition

bowl of fruit, balanced with delicate precision
light on the apple, turning red to white in harsh contrast
rough skin juxtaposed with silky smooth
slender and tall tops the squat round green
landscaped cloth coats the mahogany boards
depression glass bowl keeps epicurean treasures
frozen in time, never to nourish the body, forever to nourish the soul

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