Disco Power

Too close. Fragmented faces following a gaze.
Too close! Broken and betrayed, belittled and dazed.
Too close. Distracted by the darkness; driven mad.
Too close! Picture perfect profile pulsates badly.

BACK UP! Back off. Back down.

Spotlight shining sends shimmering sparkles. Back up.
Radiant rays are rescuing ribbons, back up.
The mirror cracked just makes many moonbeams. Back up.
Illustrious luminations light fires, back up.


Author: Sean Prunka

Copyright 2017 Sean Prunka All Rights Reserved.

Author Notes:
I wrote this with a specific friend in mind. But if it speaks to you, it is for you, 100% … maybe you are the specific friend.

You are a disco ball. Look too closely and you’ll only see yourself, reflected back, shattered and broken…Step back and the let the light bounce around you and fill the room.

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