And the Stars Whispered

stars whisper
snow twinkles respond
trees slumber

Prompted word was: And the stars whispered
Requester was: Tenille Flower
Request method was: Facebook
Author is: Sean Prunka
No copyrights. This poem was released into the public domain by the author.

Author Notes:

So, this one wanted to turn into a haiku. I don’t write American haiku (or faiku) and I don’t know any Japanese. So I write haiku in the form I feel is truest to source that I can get, in English. Minimalistic, nature themed, seasonal, etc. When I wrote this one, I think I forgot part of the formula, something about setup, action, change or something, so this isn’t good haiku (by my own standards) but I still like it. And I may expand it into a freeform full poem, not sure.

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