You reminded me that I’m not alone,
While believing that no one shared your pain.
You lifted my spirits,
When yours were low.
You showed me that I was loved,
But you thought you were unlovable.
You are why I am still here,
I want you to believe all the things that you made me see.

Prompted word was “You”.
Requester was my HappyGramps
Request method was TikTok.
Author is Sean Prunka
No copyrights. This poem was released into the public domain by the author.

Author notes: HappyGramps probably intended me to write a poem about “me”, but all of my poems are about me in some way, so I stuck to the literal sense of what I said I would write about, “take that word or concept and think about what it means to me”. So I took “you” and crafted a poem about what “you” means to me. And it became the plural and singular all at once and I mean the you that is reading this poem.

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