I Never Could

days roll into weeks; weeks — years; years to a lifetime.
and still I never could.

strangers become friends; friends — lovers ; and love is forever.
but I never could.

heart sends words; words — mouth; mouth stays silent.
because I never could.

I never could.
I never should.
I never would

silence to words; words to paper; paper to you.
strangers to friends; friends to strangers; then back again.
a lifetime rolls back into days.

Prompted word was “I never could”
Requester was Adrea Rippeth
Request method was Facebook.
Author is Sean Prunka
Poem is Copyright 2016 Sean Prunka

Author Notes: This version does not have proper formatting, as I haven’t figured out how to get the formatting right in WordPress.

Here is a PDF with proper formatting.

Download (PDF, 50KB)

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