Clouds Are Never Lonely

Do clouds get lonely? Do they weep,
When they stray from the storm?

Does the dresser drawer squeak
To mourn the stand from whence it was stripped?

Are the fish missing their chums
If sharks attack to split the school?

Sheep will bleat, the wolf will howl,
During detachment from their flock or pack.

Loneliness creeps in and settles like a fog.

Prompted word was: Clouds are never lonely
Requester was: Stephanie McCaslin
Request method was: Facebook
Author is: Sean Prunka
No copyrights. This poem was released into the public domain by the author.

Author Notes:

I’m still on the fence about this one. I love the theme and direction it took, but I’m not terribly happy with how it scans or flows. I love teh wordplay I added in “chums” meaning friends or shark food… “stand” meaning a stand of trees or the dresser… clouds weeping (raining/crying) when leaving a storm… and ending with the loneliness setling like a fog to tie it back to the clouds. … BUT I think that all detracts somewhat from the flow and sound.

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