Because I want to remember this

What follows is a copy/paste from a 2003 LJ post. Enjoy?

I’m new to the group. I’ll likely be a lurker at best… and just ignore the group at worst…
But, here’s my skinny.
1) I’m *ancient* 32 at last tally.
2) I’m a Cure fan.. but not a fanatic.
3) If Only Tonight will always be my favorite Cure song.
4) I was introduced back in 1987 with the KMKMKM album. After that, I went back and got all their older stuff. And cursed most of the newer stuff after that point. Since then, I’ve matured quite a bit and like almost all of their stuff, old *and* new.
5) I’ve only ever had the pleasure of attending one concert… and boy was I disappointed. That is what this post will be about…

The year was 1990 (or so) … “Wish” was the current tour.
Earlier in the year I had gotten to see Siouxsie & the Banshees (My Life With Thrill Kill Kult opened) … I went to that show in “street clothes” … I think I was the only one. Everyone else was all freaked out … It was a great experience, but it left me very self-conscious, like I didn’t belong.
I was determined not to make the same mistake again when I got my Wish Concert tix …
I super-teased my hair, did the white face/smeared red lips of “Lullaby”, and got “gothed up” … a sleeveless black t-shirt with a barbed wire print, black pants (or jeans) and a black velvet mini-cape (with red satin lining)
I was a freaked out version of Fat Bob!

And I was the only one!!! Gods … everywhere I turned … nothing but “plastic people”
The teeny-boppers that thought “Friday, I’m in Love” was the epitome of “alt-rock coolness” LOL!!!!!
I should have known better, I know … But … *sigh* It was the first time I really realized how badly the Cure had slipped into “mainstream” … I kinda knew it was true with the release of Wish.. but the concert just really hit it home, I guess.

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